A  2-hour teleclass introducing the principles and methods for living a W.ild O.pen M.agical A.uthentically-empowered N.ectar filled life. We will explore the meaning of each letter in the powerful acronym and ways you can live more fully and freely empowered as a woman, in your inner life, your sexuality, your body and your relationships.  This class is a great experience and prelude to the 5-week Sacred Cycle Teleclass and a great overview of the material contained in my book.

You will learn:

  • Living W.ild

    How to live in integrity with your Wild Woman, that inner self that embraces  your sexuality fully and freely
  • Living O.pen

    How to open from the heart to find our feminine strength and essence .
    • Living M.agically –

    Celebrating the wisdom of your body; from your menstrual cycle, to empowered birth, to the wisdom of menopause.  We have gifts as women through the magic of our bodies that most women NEVER experience.  I will explain how to connect with this vital and integral part of being a w.o.m.a.n.
    • Living A.uthentically-Empowered

    Who are you REALLY, what is your truth, your beauty, your gift from the inside?  Learn how to uncover and share that gift with the world.                        
    • Living as N.ectar –

    Reconnect with your beauty, your sensuality, your femininity, joy and playfulness.  Find your essential style of expression.  This is THE full expression of living all of the above and it’s already inside you.  Let me show you how to unearth it.
         Please join me for a truly beautiful journey into the magic and mystery that is W.O.M.A.N, to the magic and mystery that is YOU!!  Once payment has been made, call in info will be sent to you.


    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2012, 1:00 PM  PDT, $49.00

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