What’s GinaCology?  It’s my unique perspective on being a woman and my philosophy and psychology about life as a W.O.M.A.N.  Join me as we explore all things woman, including alternative health and wellness, sexuality, spirituality, the body/mind connection, celebrating your menstrual cycle, empowered childbirth and aging gracefully instead of anti-aging.

       GinaCology is committed to the evolution and revolution of the ideas that define and confine women, biologically and sociologically, as well as personally. I want to bring the idea of woman as goddess, as an empowered human being to each woman, girl, boy and man, personally delivered, and gift wrapped in love and respect.  I want to see the way that girls’ develop in our society change from a model that models fashion and makeup, to one that models their authentic selves and expresses their true voices, clearly, loudly, and proudly.        

       In essence, I want to cause change, not small change, but huge change, the kind that ripples out in waves into the fabric of society, altering the blanket of our world, transforming it into a beautiful tapestry which reflects the honoring of woman as she is intended to be.  I want to shatter the current models that define woman and create new ones which release her from the suffocating boundaries imposed by the medical community, society at large, and the personal beliefs that have imprisoned the goddess in woman and taken away her self-respect, self-love and her ability to celebrate all that she is, body, mind and soul, with wild, wanton, carefree, delicious abandon.  

        And I won’t stop, until I do.

       So join me in the GinaCology Revolution and become the W.O.M.A.N. you are meant to be!

Is there something you’d like to explore?  Leave a comment or question and I will respond.

Would you like to live life as a W.O.M.A.N.? Check out my book and my website:

And let me hear from you….I am truly here to serve YOU!

With Love and Blessings,

Gina Cloud






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