W.O.M.A.N. Returns as GinaCology

W.O.M.A.N. Returns As GinaCology

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Returns AS GinaCology!
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Gina Cloud’s  GinaCology

   Dearest Friends and Supporters,

Gina Cloud's Ginacology video 1
Gina Cloud’s GinaCology video 1
     It has been a VERY long time since I’ve written to you, communicated with you, shared with you. About a year ago I sent you an e-mail announcing I was emerging from my cocoon. Well, the best laid plans…I think I was was too impatient to let those wings finish developing. My daughter keeps telling me I have to be more patient! Can any of you relate to that?! 
      I have always been someone who needs to keep evolving.  I feel stagnant when my life looks the same for too long.  When I ended my show, Redefining Woman, I had hoped to move forward with my work, but instead, I found myself feeling glued to my seat, standing still, stuck, or whatever metaphor you prefer.  Been there?  Yep, it’s an uncomfortable place.
This time was different from the other times that I’d felt stuck.  It scared me.  I thought, how do I do this work?  How do I serve others AND MYSELF (remember we have to include ourselves in the giving!) going forward?  What’s next?
Normally when I put those questions to the Universe, answers come rather quickly, and I’ve learned to wait for the next wave of inspiration to wash over me and set me in motion yet again.  But months went by, then a year, and then I was looking at more than a year and the fear that maybe I wasn’t going to be able to do what I envisioned gripped me.  I thought, well, maybe I’m just done with what I was supposed to do since I’m just not getting a signal on the dial.
But patience is truly a virtue.  Eventually I got the cues from the Universe, and finally, I felt the movement, the quickening that would set me into the labor of my own rebirth and FINALLY emergence from my cocoon.
So this time, this e-mail serves to tell you that I’m REALLY back, not just planning on being back.  My show is up and running again as GinaCology,  What’s GinaCology?   It’s my unique perspective on being a W.O.M.A.N. blended with my philosophy and psychology about life.  The show still  explores all things woman-related as well as topics in the media, alternative health and wellness, intimacy, sexuality, men’s Issues, relationships, spirituality, mind/body issues…You name it, NOTHING is off topic.  The show airs every other Thursday at 7:00 P.M. PDT and is podcast as well.
My goal is to continue to bring news and information to you that will enrich and empower you. The show is still in iTunes and if you’d like to resubscribe you can do so directly from iTunes or by clicking here: subscribe to the show.  For those of you who followed the show before, there are still more than 50 of the episodes there for enjoyment.
Ray And lastly, I have a new addition to the show:  Ray’s Corner.  Ray, who wants to be simply known as Ray, will be chiming in at the end of the hour with his perspectives on topics of his choosing, usually related to the show’s topic for the evening.  Consider him the mystery man.  He has no contact info, no website, no FaceBook.  He’s truly off the grid and likes it that way.
So whether you are familiar with me and my work or new to it all, here are some quick ways to connect with me:

 MY WEBSITES:  Flash Website  and  Non flash website. I love the flash site and I’m sure you will, too, but it can’t be viewed from portable devices like your iPhone or SmartPhone.
     I’m also going to be posting regular video clips on various topics near and dear to my heart, and yours, so that I can answer questions and just explore with you.  If you’d like to receive those, please subscribe to my blog.  I will be creating an “Ask Gina” section there and will answer via short videos.  These videos will be exclusive to my blog, so please subscribe.  I NEVER share your information with anyone.  If you’d like to contact me with a question or show suggestion, CLICK HERE.
Finally, I will be on The Larry Love Show on Monday, June 4 at 6:00 P.M., Pacific Daylight Time.  You can tune into the show HERE.  If you’d like to share this e-mail with a friend, please click the “forward email” link below.
I’m well aware that we all receive just way too much junk e-mail.  And while I don’t consider my work to be junk, you just might, and I won’t hold it against you.  Just click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this e-mail if you no longer wish to hear from me. 
     I’m looking forward to our continued journey together…
Much, much love, blessings and gratitude,
Gina Cloud

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